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Our new Air Liquide Expertise Center has been specially set up for speeding up and simplifying the ordering and delivery procedures for laboratories and research centres in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. You can immediately call upon your permanent expert for the customised support and delivery of calibration gases and high-grade distribution material.
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Looking for the right gases (mixtures, speciality gases or other solutions) for your analyses and applications? We would like to offer our input. Even with specialised customization or if products need to be adapted to your specific requirements and specifications.

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Our team is ready to provide you with professional advice on equipment, materials and the most suitable procedures for your activities. So you can be confident that your gas is used at the right level and with the desired purity.

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Our staff are pleased to be at your service during office hours. Is there an emergency? Then a special team is at your service 24/7. Of course, we will also ensure that your request for a quotation is handled promptly. You will be sent a quotation within two working days for most requests. Complex mixtures will be quoted within three working days.

Maximum safety

Working with liquid nitrogen involves risks and of course you will want to avoid unsafe situations. That demands expert instructions to all staff members. For this reason we provide them with instructions on exactly how they should use Air Liquide products safely and in accordance with the rules. We can also provide you with the correct protective equipment for safe working procedures.

Expert Webinar

Stable isotope ratio reference gases

The dependence of stable isotopic analyses in geochemistry and evironmental measurements are steadily increasing. However, the ability to compare measurements between laboratories can be quite challenging owing to differences in measurement and calibration (standards and methods).

The key to obtaining reliable data is by designing experiments which utilize sampling methodologies that represent the environment intended for the study and meet the data-quality objectives. These samples in turn must then be calibrated against suitable reference materials containing low levels of uncertainty.

The precision and accuracy of the analytical result is directly related to the precision and accuracy of the standard used to calibrate the analytical instrument.

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