Analytical Pure Gases

Support gases for your analytical instrumentation

Analytical Pure Gases

Support gases for your analytical instrumentation
Air Liquide R&D teams worked with major analytical manufacturers to determine the recommended gas purity for their instrumentation. Our findings indicated that two basic ranges for gas purity are enough to ensure optimal performance in most applications.
  • ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases range equipped with SMARTOP™ valves meets quality and cost optimization requirements
  • Gas selection is simplified by reducing the complex variety of available gas grades down to two levels of purity in our ALPHAGAZ™ product line.


Two grades to ensure your optimal performance


For the accuracy of analysis – ranging from % to ppm

ALPHAGAZ™ 1 pure gases exceed the purity recommendations of most laboratory instrument manufacturers, making them an obvious choice for all-around laboratory use. Providing guaranteed low impurity levels, ALPHAGAZ™ 1 products are ideal for most analytical and process control applications.


For the high accuracy of analysis – ranging from ppm to ppb

All ALPHAGAZ™ 2 pure gases exhibit very low impurity levels available in the industry, making them the best choice for laboratory, analytical and process control applications where uncompromised ultra high purity is needed. 

All our products are made to guarantee repeatability and traceability of your analyses.

  • Gases on catalogue designed for carrier, purge and zero
  • Available worldwide in cylinders or liquid
ALPHAGAZ™  1 and ALPHAGAZ™  2 are available with the best supply modes ensuring safety, quality, consistency and simplicity of use.


Smart, Simple and Unique

An innovative and ergonomically designed product for laboratory and analysis applications. SMARTOP™ valve makes ALPHAGAZ™ pure gases easier and safer to use

  • Ergonomic valve for easy operations
  • Protecting and ergonomic cap
Economic and protective cap

Easy On/Off Lever


RPV/NRV functions to prevent backflow contamination


Permanent pressure gauge


Integrated flow limitation device for safe opening at high pressure

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View video SMARTOP™ for ALPHAGAZ™

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