Cryogenic Gases

Proven expertise in supply of liquid gases

Cryogenic Gases

Proven expertise in supply of liquid gases
Our strong track record for reliability is built upon our local presence and strategically located production facilities. We draw upon our logistics, tank telemonitoring and service capabilities to create premium bulk supply offers tailored for our customers.

We install and maintain the storage, evaporation and pressure control equipment and we guarantee the functioning, quality and safety of these installations during the entire contract term. For gas consumption ranging from ~400 to ~4,000 m³/month we offer compact air gases cryogenic vessels (Skid Tank solution with small tank and vaporizer integrated on one single skid).

For larger consumptions we offer standardized solutions with cryogenic storage tank, vaporizer(s) and pressure control equipment. All solutions with telemonitoring and data logging options.

Liquid to gas

Oxygen, nitrogen and argon are produced and liquefied in air separation units. These products are stored at the production facility and then delivered directly to customers in insulated cryogenic tankers.

Cryogenic Bulk installations typically consist of:

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Dry ice & Pellets

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide or CO₂. As dry ice sublimates, it goes straight from solid phase to gas phase, without leaving any residue. The temperature of dry ice is -78.5 °C and is therefore  extremely suitable for use as a refrigerant for all kinds of purposes, such as cooling agent during transport.

Dry Ice is available as pellets, slices or blocks and delivered in insulating packaging from 5 to 400 kg per box.

ICS Cryo International takes total control for shipment of your time and temperature sensitive samples, including collection at your site,  the isothermal packaging or Dry-shipper, the correct amount of cold sources (Liquid nitrogen, Dry-ice, gel packs or PCM’s), labelling/ classification, handling, air freight, support on your export documents and the delivery door-to-door.

Air Liquide Expertise Center

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