Engine Emissions Testing Gases

Compliance through excellence

Engine Emissions Testing Gases

Compliance through excellence

Gases, Equipment and Services for Engine Emissions Testing

In order to protect the environment authorities are increasingly imposing more stringent regulations on vehicle manufacturers in Europe and worldwide. As a consequence, engine manufacturers, their suppliers and testing centers need to perform more rigorous emissions analysis.

Engine Emissions Testing Expectations:

Where vehicle manufacturers in the past were mainly concerned with national laws, the manufacturing and sale of vehicles is now truly global. Manufacturers in Europe are not only faced with EU legislation, many are today also concerned by EPA (USA) compliance.

Our calibration mixtures and pure gases are manufactured to have dual compliance with both standards and allow us to provide you with a single certificate for each gas.

These products are part of the ALPHAGAZ™ range, Air Liquide’s premium brand of specialty gases for analytical applications.

A product range dedicated to Engine Emissions Testing worldwide

Air Liquide’s offer encompasses specialty gases with dual-compliance and certification to EPA and EU standards (EPA CFR 40 Part 1065/1066 and EURO 6 A/B & future GTR-15 WLTP).

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