Industrial Emissions Monitoring Gas Mixtures

Accurate & Traceable

Industrial Emissions Monitoring Gas Mixtures

Accurate & Traceable
Understanding our customers and the landscape in which they work are key to Air Liquide’s Industrial Emissions Offer. The legislation surrounding emissions continues to change, with lower permitted emissions and challenging pollutant concentrations. All permitted plants have to comply with the legislation, which takes the form of the Industrial Emissions Directive.

The gases are compliant with legislation, have long shelf-life, with optimum analytical accuracy and blend tolerances that fit your needs. Our ISO 17025 accredited mixtures and non-accredited mixture range support QAL1, QAL2, QAL3 and AST. They are traceable to international standards providing confidence that the gases are right each and every time.

Our customer focused service team provide you with services such as dedicated account management, consignment stock solutions and supply chain support. By providing these gases and services, we allow you to concentrate on your business.

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Cylinder with LABTOP™ for mobile Applications

Refillable cylinders are available with LABTOP™ advanced built-in regulator to simplify mobile calibration requirements.

Air Liquide gas mixtures in refillable cylinders with LABTOP™ built-in regulator typically maintain a 150 bar filling pressure which allows a larger gas consumption to meet your calibration or testing requirements. These cylinders are loaned against a rental fee and made available with Air Liquide’s SERVITRAX™ barcode tracking service for a more efficient inventory management and easy environmental reporting.

Mixtures that feature an advanced built-in regulator will transform your calibration experience.

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