Marine Emissions Testing Gases

For monitoring ship engine emissions

Marine Emissions Testing Gases

For monitoring ship engine emissions

Air Liquide offers all compliant gases required to calibrate analytical equipment that monitors and controls ship engine emissions.
Global presence allows Air Liquide to support engine manufacturers, scrubber system manufacturers, ship owners, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders with high precision calibration gas mixtures required for analysis in R&D, testing, certification, commissioning or continuous monitoring applications, anywhere in the world.

Air Liquide ALPHAGAZ Marine Emissions Testing Gases:

High performance gases for demanding applications

IMO Compliance

Shipping companies are required to substantially reduce their emissions and to more closely monitor, control and report ship emissions.

The regulations set out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), MARPOL Annex VI, mandate a phased reduction of key polluting molecules over the next 10 years – Sulphur Oxides (SO2), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), but also gases such as Ammonia (NH3), Hydrocarbons (CnHm) and other Greenhouse Gases (GHG)  are of high interest.

Air Liquide delivers precise calibration gases whenever and wherever you need them.

Your benefits:

Refillable cylinder with LABTOP™ for Service Applications

Refillable cylinders are available with LABTOP™ advanced built-in regulator to simplify mobile calibration and testing requirements.

Air Liquide gas mixtures in refillable cylinders with LABTOP™ built-in regulator typically maintain a 150 bar filling pressure which allows a larger gas consumption to meet your calibration or testing requirements. These cylinders are loaned against a rental fee and made available with Air Liquide’s SERVITRAX™ barcode tracking service for a more efficient inventory management and easy environmental reporting.

Mixtures that feature an advanced built-in regulator will transform your calibration experience.

Air Liquide Expertise Center

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