Safety and Supply Management

Adding value and improving efficiency of day-today work

Safety and Supply Management

Adding value and improving efficiency of day-today work
We provide the largest range of services towards both private and public R&D centres and Universities. Our services reflect Air Liquide’s worldwide expertise on safety and gas supply management. It will bring researchers peace of mind, regarding being compliant with legal obligations, and it will also generate cost reduction.
Air Liquide’s services will meet the expectations, by adding value and improving efficiency of the day-to-day business inside a laboratory. Analysts and researchers can focus again on the core activities and they will not have to spend their precious time on gas inventory management, selecting the right equipment for the right application or making sure that the equipment is functional and ready for use. You can fully rely on Air Liquide to provide a safe and clean environment for your operations.

Our services are modular

You can pick those which are best fitting with your specific situation



It is very important that laboratory technicians are aware of the risks inherent in the use of gases, and that the necessary safety measures in place be observed. Air Liquide’s face-to-face classroom learning is designed for individuals that work with gases and provides employers, managers, supervisors, and workers with the knowledge and skills needed to do their work safely and avoid creating hazards that could place themselves or others at risk. It provides awareness and understanding of workplace hazards and how to identify, report, and control them. The training materials can be customized to your situation and allows interaction with the trainer and the other learners.


Train yourself and your teams with online training modules to work safely with gases. Develop your basic skills in 3 training modules:
  • MODULE 1: Safely use of gases: Know, prevent the risks & act right in case of accidents
  • MODULE 2: Connecting and disconnecting gas cylinders safely
  • MODULE 3: Handle, transport and store gas cylinders safely
Review the program, price plan and request access anywhere, anytime as single user or as group.


Work safely with gases in the labratory. Discover the steps to create a safe laboratory workplace, hoto handle full and empty cylinders safely and what protective equipment should be used, and how to identify the most common hazards and reduce the risk of gas explosions, suffocation, burns and frostbite

Download the ebook and ensure better safety in the laboratory.

Safety and efficiency survey

On-site survey of the laboratory and the gas distribution system by an Air Liquide expert to help minimize risk and improve efficiency. Our goal is to objectively identify potential health and safety hazards, as well as procedures that may be impeding your efficiency. After completing our inspection, we provide you with a report that details our findings and includes recommended measures for reducing potential hazards and improving gas handling efficiency.

Leak control

Leak control of the existing gas distribution installation and piping.


Continuous Hazardous Gas Monitoring of the ambient atmosphere inside the lab (detection of O2 concentration to prevent asphyxiation, detection of toxic gas, detection of flammable gas, monitoring LEL).

Local Customer Support (LCS)

LCS is Total Gas Management of the complete laboratory (or even campus) integrating all the site logistics regarding liquid and packaged cylinder gases with Air Liquide’s supply chain, going from inventory management to gas ordering to cylinder connection. It includes auto-supply, maintenance and professional reporting.

The LCS service is a true partnership since one will witness all the benefits of Air Liquide’s expertise.

Gas supply and ordering


Supply of liquid gases and/or packaged gas cylinders using modern telemonitoring solutions.

Extended delivery to the point-of-use

E.g.: at the top floor of a building, going beyond the regular drop-point.

Cylinder hook-up and connection

Done by Air Liquide logistics while replacing empty with full, fresh delivered gas cylinders.

Cylinder tracking in real-time

A more efficient inventory management and easy environmental reporting.

  • SERVITRAX™ is an extensively tested and proven cylinder tracking system, developed by Air Liquide. Cylinders are tracked through the entire cycle with the use of advanced scanning technology, each transaction is recorded in our Information System. The service enables access to all transaction data and allows you to improve your stock management while reducing your costs.
  • STELIO™ is an extended cylinder tracking service that allows flexible tracking- and tracing of gas cylinders within your site and manages exchange of cylinders between departments. The program provides benefits, such as: online ordering, display of delivery notes, management of external and internal cylinder flow, analysis and reporting of cylinder movement, stock rotations ratios and consumption patterns.

Maintenance services

Our Green Origin gases will help to achieve each other’s goals regarding the reduction of the total carbon footprint and it will make our earth climate more sustainable.

Servigas 1

For periodic preventive maintenance of gas handling equipment in the lab.

Servigas 2

Adds spare parts and curative maintenance visits by Air Liquide technicians to the Servigas 1, without piling up repair invoices since travel expenses and labour costs are already included.

Servigas 3

Offers all services covered under Servigas 2 together with the financial benefits of tailor-made gas handling equipment rental solutions.

Green Origin

Our Green Origin gases will help to achieve each other’s goals regarding the reduction of the total carbon footprint and it will make our earth climate more sustainable.

Air Liquide Expertise Center

High purity gases, mixtures and related equipment for Research & Analysis