Scott Specialty Gases

ISO17025 accredited calibration mixtures production site and supply of other specialty gases

Scott Specialty Gases

ISO17025 accredited calibration mixtures production site and supply of other specialty gases

Scott™ brand Complex Calibration Mixtures

Scott Specialty Gases started as an independent company in 1960 and is acknowledged to be the best in class for EPA protocol, Natural Gas, Liquid & Liquified Hydrocarbon and many more high-end mixtures. This was established though R&D programs and in close cooperation with Metrology Institutes throughout the world like NIST and VSL. Since 2001 Scott has acquired an ISO17025 accreditation

Calibration Mixtures are used by our customers to calibrate their Analysers, Gas Chromatograph or other analytical equipment.

Air Liquide – Scott Specialty Gases has earned its reputation by combining technology driven products with value added services. Specialty gases are all Scott produce. Scott has to be better than other companies that may offer similar products, but only as a small part of a larger line of commodity gases. Our emphasis on these analytical products has provided a better understanding, more proprietary technology and experience of the chemistry involved when mixing gas and liquid calibration materials. This is also why Scott has earned a reputation of being able to engineer gases that no one else can.

Unique Scott Technology

Aculife Cylinder Treatment

Scott’s Aculife is a series of proprietary cylinder inerting treatments, utilized to enhance the stability of reactive gas and liquid mixtures. Aculife is a chemical vapor deposition process that eliminates gas-to-cylinder surface interactions to provide guaranteed stability for ppm and sub-ppm calibration standards. Mixtures requiring Aculife cylinder treatment are identified by the component and concentration ranges within this section. Scott Aculife Cylinder Treatment is recognized by Metrology Institutes around the world where it is used for their internal standards and Primary Reference Materials (PRM).


ACUBLEND Master Class mixtures are dynamically blended using high resolution, real-time analyzers. We use VSL, NPL, NIST or Scott Reference Standards (SRS) for primary calibrations. Scott employs extensive, proprietary calibration algorithms to control our analyzers and achieve an analytical accuracy of ±1% or ±2%, depending on the concentration range you choose. SCOTT ACUBLEND Master Class mixtures are backed by our state-of-the-art process controls and include those mixtures where our knowledge of real-time sensors and calibration techniques has demonstrated that an interference-free measurement can be made in real time and within our analytical accuracy specifications. As with our other product classes, raw materials are carefully selected and verified to purity specifications prior to use in the ACUBLEND process.

Zero Blend Tolerance

Upon request, ACUBLEND Master Class mixtures can be manufactured with a unique attribute we call Zero Blend Tolerance.

Zero Blend Tolerance simply means “no deviation from ordered concentration,” in that the concentration we produce for you is the same as the concentration you requested. Zero Blend Tolerance is a very useful feature for those applications where you need a calibration standard at an exact, specified concentration, or where a new calibration standard that you order must match up exactly with your existing ACUBLEND Master Class mix currently in use.


The production capabilities of Scott is wide and diverse. Our aim is support our customers with their Specialty Gas needs. Not only by providing quotations but by understanding the application and conditions so we can advise the correct product.

Just a sample of typical mixtures:


Toxic Organic Measurements

Toxic organic mixtures from Air Liquide provide reliable, accurate instrument calibration when measuring volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds (VOCs/SVOCs) in ambient air as well as Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). TO mixtures comply with all EPA and state mandated methods, are NIST-traceable by weight (will vary by mixture), and feature guaranteed accuracy and blend tolerance of all components. All mixtures have a balance gas of VOC-free nitrogen.

Proficiency Testing

Validate your analytical capabilities accuracy with Method TO-14A and TO-15 Proficiency Testing. Air Liquide has partnered with Environmental Resource Associates to create the world’s first comprehensive air and emissions Proficiency Testing Program.


On-Demand Custom Mixtures

One of the trademarks for Scott is to engineer mixtures to their specific application and act globally which requires flexibility.


Export Logistics

Not only do we produce the best products but we also provide excellent Logistical services. From our production site in Breda, The Netherlands we can ship to virtually any location around the world.

The following unique capabilities:

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