Modes of supply

Appropriate for any volume

Modes of supply

Appropriate for any volume
We offer you the most appropriate mode of supply for any volume, meeting your needs in terms of supply reliability, simplicity, quality and costs.

What are the benefits?


Alphagaz Flo OnSite generators

The Air Liquide Alphagaz Flo range of gas generators is specially designed for use in laboratory environments. Our generators are safe, reliable, compact, low noise and avoid the logistics and hassle of changing cylinders. Air Liquide takes care of the installation and maintenance of the system.

What does it include

  • Alphagaz Flo H2: Hydrogen generators, electrolysis of water, H2 purity up to 99,99995%, pressure up to 6.9 bar.
  • Alphagaz Flo AIR: Zero Air generators, with or without compressor, air purification down to < 0.05 ppm CnHm.
  • Alphagaz Flo N2: Nitrogen generators with or without air compressor, N2 purity up to 99,999%, capacity up to 54 l/min, pressure up to 7 bar.

Air Liquide Expertise Center

High purity gases, mixtures and related equipment for Research & Analysis

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