Industrial Health & Safety Gases

For monitoring and gas detection applications

Industrial Health & Safety Gases

For monitoring and gas detection applications

Occupational health and safety has a strong focus on prevention of hazards. In many industrial environments, workers need to be highly aware of exposure to toxic or combustible gases and vapours or a lack of oxygen.

Gas monitoring and detection systems ensure workplace safety by alerting personnel to the presence of combustible gases (Ex), the lack of oxygen in a given area (Ox) and their exposure to toxic gas (Tox).

Most common applications:

Air Liquide manufactures gas mixtures to make calibration and testing of gas detection and continuous monitoring equipment easier, quicker and more cost-effective.

Calibration and test gases are available in two cylinder categories:


Periodic testing of the gas detector alarms with a Bump Test Gas to make sure the detector is reaching its alarm levels and working correctly. Bump test should be performed before every use – and if they indicate a fail, the instrument must be submitted for calibration.


Calibration evaluates the response of the instrument against Calibration Gas Standards and adjusts the device to optimise accuracy. A full system calibration is required frequently.

Small Portable Cylinders

Pure gases and mixtures in small portable non-returnable cylinders to meet your gas detection, monitoring applications.

The small portable, non-returnable design of cylinders results in substantial cost savings by eliminating cylinder rental and two way shipping charges that is associated with refillable cylinders. Convenient cylinders sizes are available for portable as well as fixed equipment.

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Larger Refillable Cylinders

Pure gases and mixtures in small or larger refillable cylinders to meet your gas detection and monitoring applications.

Air Liquide gas mixtures in refillable cylinders typically maintain a 150 bar filling pressure which allows a larger gas consumption to meet your calibration or testing requirements. Cylinders are loaned against a rental fee and made available with Air Liquide’s SERVITRAX™ barcode tracking service for a more efficient inventory management and easy environmental reporting.

The smaller type refillable cylinders (5 and 10 liter water capacity) can be equipped with an advanced built-in regulator for easy handling. Total safety is ensured by permanent and reliable protection of the valve and the regulator when used in mobile applications.
LABTOP™ advanced built-in regulator

Mixtures that feature an advanced built-in regulator will transform your calibration experience.

Refillable cylinders are available with LABTOP™ advanced built-in regulator to simplify your calibration and testing requirements.

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