Vehicle Exhaust Testing Gases

Produced in accordance with ISO-17025

Vehicle Exhaust Testing Gases

Produced in accordance with ISO-17025
Every domestic vehicle over 3 year’s old, is required by law to pass an Vehicle Test that has been carried out at a certified testing station or garage. An essential part of the test is vehicle exhaust gas emissions testing. This is carried out to ensure that the exhaust gases emitted by any vehicle are within the permitted levels stipulated by both national and European laws

Exhaust gas emission testing is a process where test equipment is used to measure the gases produced by a cars engine. A probe is placed in the tailpipe of the car and the exhaust gases are measured following a strict procedure. The exhaust gas analyser is used for measuring 4 gases, oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons (HC) as well as calculating lambda (λ) a measure of air/fuel ratio. These measurements together provide a very accurate way of measuring the combustion efficiency of an engine. 

The vehicle exhaust emission test legislation requires that the instrument used to test the vehicles is type approved by a national recognized body. In addition the instrument must be calibrated using a Certified Reference Standard produced in accordance with ISO17025.

(Vehicle Test is also referred to as MOT (UK), APK (NL), Bilprovning (S))

Specific composition of the gas mixtures

Specific composition of the gas mixtures are used for the Vehicle Exhaust Testing. The gases are prescribed in OIML recommendation R099 “Instruments for measuring vehicle exhaust emissions“ and produced in accordance with ISO-17025. Other compositions are available on request.

The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) is a worldwide, intergovernmental organization whose primary aim is to harmonize the regulations and metrological controls applied by the national metrological services. Recommendations, Documents and Guides are developed by Technical Committees. Cooperative agreements have been established between the OIML and ISO and the IEC, with the objective of avoiding contradictory requirements.

Convenient packaging

Smaller type refillable cylinders (5 and 10 liter water capacity) can be equipped with an advanced built-in regulator for easy handling. Total safety is ensured by permanent and reliable protection of the valve and the regulator when used in mobile applications.

LABTOP™ advanced built-in regulator

Mixtures that feature an advanced built-in regulator will transform your calibration experience.

Refillable cylinders are available with LABTOP™ advanced built-in regulator to simplify your calibration and testing requirements.

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